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Submitted on
March 10, 2013
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“________-_________!  ¿Cómo estás ahì? Are you finished with your line?!?”

As your friend said that, you fell on your back on the watery soil. Not really caring about your state.

Why did you? Simple, too tired. And it was not some time of the night, it was 7 o’clock in the morning.
How did you manage to end like this? Lack of sleep? Oh, no no. That night you slept soundly.
It was simply fault of that friend of yours, that cheery, life-is-beautiful, the-sun-is-high, tomato-lover Antonio.

All the junctures of your body were terribly screaming in pain, for standing up too much in one shot. Bringing a hand in your hair, you removed them from your face as the almost burning sun caressed your skin, and the sweat that covered your body.

Picking up tomatoes surely was funny, when you were with him. But hey, after some kilometers the body needs to rest! You were even wondering HOW he managed to do all of this all the mornings.

You closed your eyes, relaxing your face and taking a good breath. Well, he was used to this.

…after all he had that body….
…and under the swimsuit…
e-eh. Ahum.

Pushing away that (perverted) thought from your mind, you moaned a bit trying to take away that pain in your muscles.

“D-id she faint…?”

It was Antonio’s voice.

Lifting a little your eyelid, you saw Spain’s figure standing next to you. He was covered with sweat too, but unlike you he seemed like was used to this. His breath was normal, he had a little worried face.

“I’m ok…”

That came out a mumble, you were sure. Maybe he didn’t even hear you.
Closing your eyes again, you relaxed under the Spanish hot sun. It was like being on the beach.

Suddenly, a pair of arms sat you up and started to massage your back. You let out slow moans, as those hands massaged you right on the most sore muscles.

“Is that better, chica?”

All you could do was whisper a little “Yes…”, and once he was finished you finally opened your eyes.

He stood up, your back was a little cold without his touch.
You hugged your knees and placed your chin on them, closing your eyes. He was oddly calm, somehow.

“Mi tomate?”
“You have them all around here…”

How could he question about “his tomatoes”? You’re in a friggin’ TOMATO FIELD.

“I didn’t mean one of those tomatoes. I was calling you, you’re all red!”

You blushed even more, realizing that only his touch made you shiver in pleasure and blush so much to notice.
He kneeled in front of you, while you started (don’t know why) to act practically tsundere.

“W-What? B-But I, I mean, I don’t blush so easily! No no! I-I just- it’s hot today isn’t it?!? That’s why I seem to blush!!!A-And since when I-I am yours?”

In fact, it’s not like you really minded, being his. To say it all, you’d love to. (Admit it. ADMIT.)

You were now with legs crossed, arms crossed over your chest, a small and delicate pout on your mouth.
He seductively placed his hands on the ground on either side of you and leaned forward.

“But I wish you were, chica…”

You blushed even more, and moved your hands behind you trying to balance yourself and not falling behind.

“W-What do you mean…”
You chuckled a bit, could it mean…?

For your answer, he leaned more and placed his sweaty lips on yours. You jumped in surprise and made a little “Mmm!” that suddenly turned in a moan, to his happiness.

After some seconds he started to lick your lower lips, almost eagerly, you happily let him explore your mouth with his mastery.

Breaking the kiss, after a while, he whispered towards your lips:
“You’re mi tomate now…”
Did I get right on the Spanish part?
Just trying to figure out what I do know of Spanish. I see a lot XD

Ah, I forgot to write "Mi amor!" Whatever.

Please ENJOY!

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya
This story belongs to me
and the pic belongs to the internet.
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